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Mapei Sport, which is supported by MAPEI Group, a world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for building, is a research centre of excellence that operates in sport by conducting scientific research and also providing multi-sectoral assistance to athletes in order to improve their performance.

Designed in 1996 by Dr. Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of MAPEI Group, in complete harmony of thought and sports philosophy with Prof. Aldo Sassi, co-founder of the Centre, who died prematurely in December 2010. The Mapei Sport project is realized with the officially inauguration of the structure in 1998. MAPEI Sport was established to support athletes of Professional Cycling Team Mapei with scientific rationality and with proper ethical approach; The Professional Cycling Team MAPEI have dominated the world cycling for a decade.

Over the years, in addition to continuing the activity in the cycling, the facility has expanded its areas of intervention dedicated to other sports such as football, basketball, running, golf, skiing and motor sports always keeping unchanged its goals.


a) To support the athletes to achieve their maximum performance, through ethically irreproachable behavior;
b) To transfer the knowledge gained through experience from supporting professionals athletes, to every level of sporting activity;
c) To work according to strict scientific approach in compliance with ethical sport values, thus contributing to spreading a proper sports culture in every sector of society.

The activity of the Mapei Sport develops according to three main guidelines:

Sport Support: Analysis and optimization of the basic factors of athletic performance, assessment of the psycho-physical individual training status, training programs and biomechanical analysis of the athletic movement. Customer-oriented medical support to guarantee the best performance and wellness.

Sport Applied Scientific Research: this is a basic activity for innovative and rational approach to different issues that sport’s practice involves at every level, trying to avoid the clichés and debunk or “fads”, thus providing unquestionable solutions from a scientific point of view.

Sports culture: disclosure and “vulgarization” of scientifically validated knowledge in order to contribute to spreading a more rational approach to sport, both competitive and recreational, to achieve better results.